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For a full account of my early anomalous experiences and background please see Truth Quest Background, and The Tavistock Agenda, how deep does it go?  about the 70’s free festivals linked to some of my later experiences.

Because of my background I’m obviously interested in the Tavistock agenda and especially in the 70′s when inexplicable things happened to me.  I am researching this subject from a UK perspective and joining certain dots in the hope that it will provide insight for myself and others into current manipulations.

I began this research after hearing about MK Ultra along with a myriad of other so called conspiracy theories in about 2008 and began to figure out that there must have been an equivalent programme in the UK.

Because I couldn’t settle into learning at school due to not fitting in with the education system I am self-educated. There were many enormous gaps in my education – especially my knowledge of history and politics when I began, but then again I didn’t have any preconceived ideas to break through. I have been so driven to discover what happened to me that I managed to gain a fair understanding of the development of mind-control and I’m now focusing trying to share my research, on learning more detail, and I’m trying to gain an understanding of the current situation – reading between the disinformation lines.

After running away to London at 15 and living in squats and going to festivals I had my first child at the age of 20 after which I focused only on teaching myself useful lifeskills like natural childbirth, breastfeeding, cooking – global peasant food as I like to call it – it’s very sophisticated ;-), home educating for a couple of years at primary school level, shiatsu massage, natural healing through food medicine, whatever was required whilst raising a family really.  My hobbies whilst rearing my children were UFO and Crop Circle research and teaching myself to play acoustic guitar and songwriting, playing bass in a local band with the odd bit of watercolour painting now and then too.

I have been primarily a homemaker for most of my life, working voluntarily in related areas whilst rearing my children, for example as a breast-feeding counsellor and birth rights activist,  passing on anything I had learned that might help someone else and trying to bring about improvements in the system.   As the children grew up and left home I taught myself to use a PC, did a degree in popular music after which tried to get a ‘proper job’.  I had experince of caring for my daughter who has cerebral palsy and worked as a carer for three years whilst doing my degree and then as a special support assistant at my local college.

After this I did a pgce which technically made me a college lecturer! By nature I’m not suited to teaching, too easy going and I don’t do well with power hierarchies,  paperwork and curriculums and what have you. I was delighted that I managed to get a half time job teaching computer skills in the community where I could just help people learn for themselves.  This ranged from helping pensioners email their grandchildren, to delivering ECDL to young mums wanting a second chance at some quals to get a job.

I did the community tutor work for three years, then set up my own business as a self-employed web designer.

While the above seems to paint a rosy picture it was not the case.  I managed to do the above things despite being severely affected by self diagnosed and self treated CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress) as I have  discussed in interviews, presentations and articles.

I was aware from an early age of  abuses of power and manipulation; I confronted and challenged them if  I could and always believed the majority of people were  goodhearted, and that things would become better and more harmonious.

But as my life unfolded it became clear things weren’t improving. At first I thought this must be because the people making decisions and policy must be incompetent.  As I used the internet to research the facts I was shocked to realise how tragedy and suffering was caused knowingly by people in trusted positions of power.  For the first time I accepted that evil existed.  How carefully they have planned the  manipulations so this evil could exist and grow for so long.  In parallel to my awakening to how atrocities were caused deliberately I became aware of how people have been manipulated en masse to take actions and even to think thoughts that are not their own.

As I was doing this research, the fragments of my own life began to come together and alongside putting together a jigsaw of external events I was also putting together the fragmented pieces of my own past.  When I was asked to share my research I felt honoured and grateful to be given an opportunity to share how this discovery of the past has brought awareness to my present and tremendous hope for our future.
I’m hoping I can bring at least one piece of the jigsaw for everyone of you to help with your own truth quests.

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  1. hi Kathi,

    trying to build bridges , intuit safe connections with others

    a lot of what you write i understand, similar parallels

    perhaps you can email, keeping it private

  2. Faith (Child X) said:

    Dear Cathi, I just found your site. My programming is breaking down rapidly as a result of PTSD and the intense work I have done to facilitate remembering and healing. I was staggered by what I came up with and that every supposed fact of my life was a lie.

    Despite that and despite the fact that the truth is horrific, it is the truth. My body can process truth because it recognises it as such and no lie, however comforting or numbing, is a substitute.

    I want to thank you for creating this site and I want to say to you and to all who visit it – keep digging. Go within, go to the pain and love those parts of you that you uncover – they need you and you need you. You are not alone. All of us who have been through this nightrmare are family and we owe it to each other to survive, to heal and to speak out. We are joined in spirit. Be kind to yourselves and love yourselves. Faith aka Child X.

  3. Cathi Morgan said:

    Thank you so much for your comment, Faith, it means a lot to me

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