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I found this article on FaceBook earlier this month. It pissed me off to no end.  There are many people lecturing, writing and appearing in person to disclose MK-Ultra. Only a few of the writers etc. will discuss what is happening to the children. This person at blogspot did an incredible job putting this phenomenal article together about Johnny Gosch.

The link to the article is here:

If the author objects, I will remove this post immediately. I hope they will approve as this is very important information.

Johnny Gosch, A Rare Survivor

24 Oct, 2009

Author: Kiya |

On Sunday, September 6, 1982, in the bedroom community of West Des Moines, Iowa, 12-year-old Johnny Gosch is headed out on his newspaper route. He brings with him the family dog and his red wagon to carry the papers. That is the last time Johnny is…

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In the UK, Deep Underground Bases, Social Engineering and Mind Control – further confirmation of experiences described by Barry King and James Casbolt.

Barry King

Barry King is a veteran researcher and truth seeker who worked tirelessly for no renumeration for many years to bring the truth to the public in any way possible.

His credibility may even be measured by the sheer number of time he, (like James Casbolt) has come under fire from shills and disinfo merchants. There have even been (apparently jealous?) fellow UFO researchers seeking to discredit him with vitriolic statements, without reason or logical debate.

He was first to bring to the attention of the public the social engineering and genetic manipulation programmes which many are now aware of, and bravely described his own extensive experiences from child hood to the present day.  He was first to indicate the presence of underground bases where these and other experiments took place.

There has been extensive corroboration of his testimony generally as the Tavistock Agenda and MKULTRA has come to light and there has also been specific confirmation.  James Casbolt was subject to trauma based mind control experiences in the UK and many of his experiences confirm what Barry has said.

If anyone takes the time to actually research the topics that Barry introduced in his early interviews and publications with all the resources we now have to hand, it immediately becomes clear that he is authentic.  What is remarkable is how he exposed these at a time when much of the information was not yet declassified or in the public domain.  This is something that is not addressed by his detractors.

When I become aware of the weird nature of events from my own childhood I researched the area in Somerset where I had lived as a child so it was quite some time before I realised that I had lived just 3.6 miles from Rudloe Manor where Barry said there was an underground base.  I had overlooked this fact initially as Rudloe Manor happens to be in a different county, Wiltshire which borders on Somerset.  I have since discovered that MI5 ran an office from Rudloe Manor although it was ‘Ultra Secret’ so I haven’t seen any documention of what they were doing.

“MI5 also works out of an office in Rudloe Manor and it is suspected that Ultra Secret projects also have “compartments” there. It has been suggested that the secrecy and covert protection given to Rudloe Manor (HQ Provost and Security Services) is because the place is the second control point of the UK’s defences and security. It may infact be the highest point of security in the UK.” Matthew William’s. Truthseekers Review 

Other research into figures connected to my family uncovered further evidence that supports Barry’s account.  Specifically, I discovered that Sir Joseph Barcroft, who was the head of the physiology department at Porton Down for many years from before WW1 was the UK’s leading expert in Foetal Development and Intergenerational Science which at first may seem odd and yet in light of the PGLF’s Barry described, it makes a lot of sense.  If they were indeed creating Programmable Generated Life Forms there as Barry asserted, then Barcroft would  be a logical choice.  (I also presented evidence of media reports which confirm that a great deal of human experimentation took place at Porton Down HERE: Mind Control in the UK).

It’s inexcusable that the detractors who badmouthed Barry in unprovoked attacks should point to inconsistency in his evidence when even the most superficial examination of the evidence and conclusions published by the US Senate Select Committe 1977 report on MKULTRA makes it clear that a great deal of research funded by MKULTRA was aimed at ensuring witnesses would be discredited.  To quote directly from the report, they were specifically looking for:

- Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public

- Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.
3.- Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance it’s usefulness.
- Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.
 Randy Maugans interviews Barry King on OffPlanet Radio 2011
“Barry King, from the UK, is one of the most credible and documented witnesses on the subjects of government projects, paranormal experience, UFO investigations, and direct contact with Off Planet Intelligences (OPI). As a child, Barry died, and claims he was returned as a “walk-in” soul, who then went on to be inducted into the UK’s own “super soldier” programs of the 1960s. He later became involved in UFO research, crash retrievals, and was employed in the underground NSA faciltity at Peasemore where he was party to government experiments on abducted human subjects.

Himself a subject of the experiments, as well as a witness to the proceedings; he has first-hand knowledge and contacts in the clandestine projects of western Europe and in the US. Barry reveals many details of the projects, their victims; the “fringe” science that has been hidden from the public for forty years, and direct evidence of ET involvement, including human-ET genetics projects.

He continues to disclose critical information about the past, present, and future, as humanity collides with a reality they are ill-prepared to face. While some of the information has been revealed in his prior interviews, and certain subjects remain closed for him to discuss, Barry drops details in this interview that pull together crucial pieces of the puzzle to what we call ‘disclosure.’ 

James Casbolt

James Casbolt regained memories of experienced trauma based mind control as a child which he has shared with the public both in interviews and in his online book Agent Buried Alive. The following introduction is from the bibliotecapleyades site where you can read the entire book.

James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who worked in ‘Black ops’ drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999. He comes from a line of intelligence people. His grandfather was naval intelligence, his father was MI6 who was also involved in ‘Black ops’ and his uncle was an MI5 officer in Logistics. From Cornwall England, James wishes to make amends for his part in these operations and blow the whistle on the crimes against Humanity that the intelligence agencies are involved in. MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drugs trade (which is worth at least £500 billion a year, this is more than the global oil trade) and are now bringing the majority of illegal street drugs into America and Britain. They are using this drug money to fund projects classified ‘Above top secret’ which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS). There are now over 4000 of these bases worldwide and the average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. Some are shallower and some are deeper. The bases are on average the size of a medium sized city and yes, he says there are aliens in them. James is connected to ex intelligence people who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET related projects. There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in these underground bases. As a former MI6 Agent that has seen aliens first hand and has inside information that will shock even the most disbelieving person. Every person alive on the planet today needs to be aware of this information for their futures.

James’s experiences included specific training and enhancement at underground bases run, he said , by the United States National Security Agency (NSA).  After becoming aware of Barry King’s testimony he contacted King and found that they coincided on many points of experience.  One of these was that they had both encountered an individual working on projects by the name of Whitmore and later Preston Nicols of the Montauk Project stated he had also encountered Whitmore.

When I read in chapter 7 of Agent Buried Alive that James and others had been taken away immediately at birth for 5 minutes I realised that this had happened at the birth of my first son in 1978 who later developed an astounding ability to recount long strings of numbers (both forwards and backwards), as also mentioned in that chapter by a correspondent.

 They constantly drilled me if I could remember extensive numbers in a series

My son, Martin’s involvement is something I haven’t spoken about in detail publicly. (There is a great deal that I haven’t yet disclosed obviously, as these programmes are life-long and usually also intergenerational). For example, Martin was tragically re-traumatised just before the age of two by being held out side of a four storey window by his ankles by a stranger (which also traumatised me as his mother). His life ended prematurely at the age of 26 when he was found in the local resevoir after being missing for 3 months.

My life has been touched by tragedy in many ways and I am only revisiting this here as I feel it’s important to tell my story provide further evidence for those who have spoken out publicly.  Whilst it’s important not to dwell on the dark and negative aspects of these experiences, we must tell the truth to facilitate the awakening of people to what has been going on so it can change.  If no-one had spoken about their experience then we wouldn’t have even found out about MKULTRA.

By Cathi Morgan

Republished from HERE
I recently watched the movie “Dreamscape” (1984 – still very watchable), the theme is the weaponisation of dream research. The movie “Inception” is more sophisticated, where the skill of being able to enter and operate within the dreams of others is used for commercial rather than military purposes. For most people it would never cross their mind that it could be more than a fantasy world of pure fiction.

But are there indications that dreaming may have been the focus of a real life  ‘black-op’?  Robert Moss runs ‘Dream Workshops’ which encompass, for example Lucid Dreaming and Joint Dreaming – in other words entering the dream of another.   A glance at his web-site seems to show a fascinating subject addressed by a jolly looking chap, interesting, spiritual even? Nowhere on the site does he mention his links to the CIA and MI6 via the Institute for the Study of Conflict and Forum World Features a London based CIA propaganda operation which operated as a professional news service from 1965 to 1974). Nowhere does it mention his membership of the Pinay Cercle. (aka Le Cercle – and according to Mike Shernick, prime suspect for having arranged the death of Princess Diana)

- Perhaps more sinister, and certainly more shadowy than the Bilderbergers, the “Pinay Cercle” is an “Atlanticist” right-wing organisation of serving  and retired intelligence operatives, military officers and politicians that conspired to “affect” changes in government. ” David Guyatt

According to WikiSpooks

“Cercle member Robert Moss was a protege of Brian Crozier and helped him internationally to spread
the word of communist subversion. In 1975, Moss and Crozier, together with Viscount De L’Isle (Knight of the Garter; Privy Council) and others, were co-founders of the National Association for Freedom (NAFF), an anti-Labour and anti-Wilson pressure group that acted as a follow-up of GB 75 and the later Civil Assistance/Unison. Quite a number of NAFF members would find their way to prominent political positions under Thatcher”

Personally I find it extraordinary that one of the people who became closely associated with the NAFF group was Lady Morrison of Lambeth, after all, she married the deputy Labour Prime Minister who was known to be a Socialist.  As a fellow NAFF council member, Lady Morrison of Lambeth (pictured) was an associate of Robert Moss and along with Moss, she contributed to writing their ‘manifesto’ “In Defense of Freedom” bbbobhope

As Lady M was a schoolfriend of my grandmother and best friend to my great auntie, I find it slightly remarkable that I came into contact myself with Harold Wilson who was in effect ousted by that movement. (Wilson, MI5 and the Rise of Thatcher).  As a fifteen year old run-away, I found myself working under a false name as a waitress in the Athenaum Club in Pall Mall in the 1974, at that time the club served many politicians including Harold Wilson.  These people or their close associates were also involved with arranging the monitoring and infiltration of ‘subversive’ groups including free festivals, unions and West Indians.

(see my article The Tavistock Agenda and 1970′s Covert Anti-Subversion).

I read Lady M’s autobiographical “Memoirs of a Marriage” where she states:

“At the age of 10 or 11 I announced I wanted to play golf, I didn’t even know what golf was and to this day cannot explain the compulsion.”

When I read how she met her husband-to-be on a golf course in Davos, Switzerland and they were married three months later I just wondered (y’know)! After considering the ‘dots’  it occurred to me that she herself may have been a covert (perhaps unwitting) operant. According to Greg Hasslen, author of “Hitler was a British Agent” Tavistock was already practicing it’s brainwashing techniques at least as early as 1912. Hallet says Hitler was brainwashed and trained at the British Military Psy-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland from February to November 1912.

Maybe Moss has put all the negativity associated with his previous connections behind him and is now serving an ascension of consciousness along with many others, maybe not.  I would welcome any further information on the significance of how Moss’s past association with Military Intelligence and Illluminati secret societies may relate to his later association with his Dreaming Research and his Dream workshops at the Esalen Institute .

The focus shifted from the extensive studies (via many unethical experiments) into trauma and the mind of the individual to the brainwashing on a massive scale that we see today.

It extended the focus from the mind of the individual to the application of the methods of manipulation on groups / social engineering.

The experiments on the mind of the individual – MKULTRA included studying application of the Cybernetic model of the mind/personality as a machine which can be specifically conditioned/programmed as discussed at the Josiah Macy Cybernetic conferences where MKULTRA operants met to share insights. The Josiah Macy foundation being used as a front for the CIA to channel funds into MKULTRA. Along side cybernetics a continuous theme underlying the Macy conferences was child psychology.

Cyberneticists (eg the UK’s William Grey Walter) were invited to contribute their ideas to child psychology in the WHO child psychobiology international conferences also attended by the leading child psychologists and psychiatrists. , and the merging of child care with programming was applied at the Child Guidance centres in the UK.

In the 1950′s cyberneticists – for example Beer, Pask and Ashby – started to look at group organisation and interaction using models from biology, including interaction

” of colonies of Daphnia, a freshwater crustacean, which had been induced to ingest iron filings and could thus be coupled to external environments via electromagnets, and he also tried light sensitive amoebas known as Euglena. When the Euglena refused to function as a homeostatic system he switched to entire ponds as homeostatic ecosystems . . .

. . . These systems proved to be sensitive to an indefinite variety of environmental influences, and Beer and Pask hoped to be able to train them to perform all sorts of functions.

This contributed to Human Ecology when for example MK ULTRA Cyberneticist and Anthropologist George Bateson helped to extend systems theory/cybernetics to the social/behavioral sciences.

Alongside the Macy Foundation, another funding front for MKULTRA was the Society for Human Ecology.

In the UK, the Group Relations Conferences run by Tavistock at the University of Leicester since 1957, (linked to the National Training Laboratories in the USA) are still running to this day and “organisations can send their managers to learn more effectively to manage the unconsciouses of their workers and to make themselves more effective leaders.”

New website

I’ve created a new website HERE to post all my material in one place. Still in the process of transferring stuff – lots more in the pipeline.

Here’s how they control you

Work for the corporations every day.  (Small companies are folding like dominoes as the recession bites.) They suck all your energy out of you, but in return you get to drive a car, watch TV, eat out and buy take away food. y’know.  That’s the carrot

The stick is the benefit system.

Before developing the ATOS computer assessment program to make sure 50% would be kicked off sickness benefit they built huge national health service buildings in every district and town in the UK.  Funded in part privately including by American and French interests, they are each designed to deal with 250,000 people per year presenting with ‘psychological problems’ aka unable to cope.

Once you lose or leave your job you are on the edge of a precipice where losing your home and becoming homeless is one false step away.

Once unemployed you have several choices:

Stay in bed most of the time because you can’t afford to do anything else on £50 per week, certainly not put your heating on, and probably not afford a TV licence.  Be careful.  It won’t be long before social drinking in pleasant restaurants transforms into comfort gained from cheap alcohol from the off-licence

Go to your doctor and tell him you are depressed (you will be, when you try and live on £50 per week).  He will put you on anti depressants thus generating income for the corporations who no doubt invested in the health centres.  On  anti-depressants – you’ll be able to stay out of bed, sitting in a chair and staring into the middle distance. You’ll sleep better but die sooner

You are unlikely to be given recuperation time because ATOS finds everyone including the dying as capable of work.  (The Citizen advice workers described the administrators of these assessments as robot nurses).  70% of those who lost their sickness benefits and appealed had it reinstated so now they are going to withdraw legal aid for that.

You will be told pretty soon that as you haven’t found a job (hundreds or thousands of applicants for each vacancy as the recession bites) you will have to work for free, to qualify for your benefits – the latest scheme by the way.

Be prepared to become totally invisible to the rest of society including your old mates and colleagues who vaguely think people on the dole live an idle and cushy luxurious life at their expense because that’s what the papers keep saying.

Alternatively you could turn to crime because you can’t afford to live on £50 per week except by staying in bed or sitting in a chair staring into the middle distance.

How is that much different from when the Eugenicists – the missionary couple – the Burden’s proposed in the 1930′s that the the population should be tested at the age of 11 and any one under par should be incarcerated in a huge national mental colony, working for free. Amongst other surveys, 85000 were given an IQ test at the age of 11 in 1947 in the Scottish Mental Survey. The tests were administered at the LSE London School of Economics, funded by the Eugenics society.

They modified the plan, made it a bit more subtle – put it on hold.  They financed the Burden Neurological Institute, which is where it was  figured out what the best flicker rate for a TV is to put people in a hypnotic trance.  Work there and elsewhere was done to discover on effective psycho-tronic frequencies for manipulating behaviour.  Digital TV involved a network of transmitters being established.

Finally the financial collapse was engineered and those huge NHS centres built.  As the jobs dwindle, people will work for free for their £50.  Effectively doing just what the Burdens proposed 75 years ago except no need for warders, the inmates feed and clothe themselves.





This is a great concise introduction to Tavistock and it’s role in social engineering and manipulation of the masses that has brought about the distracted and unthinking populations we see today who have been successfully controlled increasingly not to interact or think for themselves and to simply sit in front of the TV and absorb the programmes ie the programming!

Originally posted on A Conservative View:

Rather than try to sift through millions of words, books and articles to try to summarize more information, I will select some specific exerts from the source I primarily used to introduce you to Tavistock. If I have stirred up your interest, I accomplished my mission. If we continue to lose our rights as American citizens, willingly, we deserve a future of doing exactly what the government tells us to do. I am working on an article to help prepare you for the next thing our government will take away, our right to vote. Laugh if you desire but this day is coming faster than you will believe. Why, because of so many people have decided to avoid voting as they believe it is a waste of time.  C Brewer 

TAVISTOCK = Mind Control Professionals.

“A single common denominator identifies the common Tavistock strategy — *the use of drugs*…

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