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I have now added references in the form of  links into my first article Robert Maxwell Series Part 1 in respect of Maxwell’s links to child studies.

To continue this series I’d like to consider the subject of Maxwell’s link to Child Studies and the three other main topics which I raised in my second recent article Robert Maxwell Series Part 2.

Each of the four areas I will be addressing deserves it’s own separate article. The three other topics are:-

  1. The setting up of Butterworth Springer and the role of Pergamon Press in shaping Academia.
  2. How individuals were selected by Maxwell personally to head Journals to be published by Pergamon, including MKULTRA funded doctor Hans Eysenck.

King’s says the results and conclusions of Eysenck’s papers ‘were not considered scientifically rigorous’. Photograph: Nick Rogers/ANL/Rex/Shutterstock

Hans J Eysenck

“His acolytes always bragged he was the most cited psychologist of all time,” “In the social sciences citation index, he was number three. Number two was Freud. Number one was Karl Marx. He was hugely prolific, widely cited and very influential.”Prof Anthony Pelosi,  whose own investigation prompted the inquiry into Eysenck Work of renowned UK psychologist Hans J Eysenck ruled unsafe


3. Robert Maxwell’s subsequent activities in communications and the media particular those related to government propaganda and social engineering.

and I’ll be delving into his links with the International Centre for Child Studies and how closely Maxwell was linked to those child surveys.

Below is a photo taking during fundraising for the ICCS to which Maxwell donated £5000 per year for seven years.  His companies are listed as Major Sponsors of the National 1970 Birth Cohort Longitudinal Study


(l-r) Social Services Secretary Norman Fowler, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Professor Neville Butler, professor of child health at the University of Bristol and Director of the International Center for Child Studies, at a reception at the Banquet Hall, Westminster, to launch an appeal for 3,325,000 to build and run an International Center for Child Studies in Bristol (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

“Maxwell said of Britain’s first female prime minister “Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am.” Thatcher described Maxwell as “one of us.” HERE

maxwell miners

Maxwell’s Role in Founding the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Shades of Epstein? Maxwell courted and entertained leaders in the fields of Science, Child Psychology, Psychiatry and many other areas.

“The JCPP began its first issue in 1960 as it took some time in finding a
publisher. The egregious Robert Maxwell agreed to do so and really was an
enormous help – he had a wide distribution network, he was very interested.  He gave wild parties at Headington Hall to which the editors were invited so
we had a jolly good time when he was around, before he fell off his boat”

12 May 2009  (My emphasis)


Wild Parties at Headington Hall

wild parties


At 12 mins 06 seconds Shaun reads out some of my research #

Cathy Morgan

I would like to examine Maxwell’s path through various organisations, in effect playing a major role in huge changes that took place in academia after WW2.  Specifically how information was presented to the public, as post war planning anticipated the communications boom. His presence can be detected in television programming, distribution of actual television sets, children’s programs and the national curriculum and much more.

He seems to have been used as a front to roll out changes via his organisations and personally on numerous fronts. . .

On examining the roots of his soon to be Pergamon Press enterprise it’s quite incredible to see the representatives and  people involved with setting up it’s precursor Butterworth Springer.  The endeavour involved creating a scientific advisory committee –  a team of top scientists from Tube Alloys, along with others with close links to MI6, the Vatican, the Cabinet Office, the Board of Trade, the Royal Society.  One company represented was ICI  in the presence of Wallace Akers – ICI boss who went on to direct its research funding department.  ICI also funded the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering that I have written about previously. . . and you’ve guessed it, the Institute of Child Health

It has to be said that the chairman of the management committee in 1953 of that institute, ICH, was William Astor 3rd, who appeared in Epstein’s book and happened to be involved in the Profumo Affair.

Maxwell appears to have personally had  influence regarding who would be placed as the head of the journals in numerous areas of science and medicine. Many of these areas were newly identified, especially psychology, for example in Playing with Fire, The Controversial Career of Hans J Eysenck page 162 by Roderick D Buchanan (available on google books)  it is described how Hans Eysenck how was funded by Maxwell to start a journal in Behaviour Research and Therapy. It has been reported in the MSM , in the New Statesman that Eysenck had worked under MKULTRA sub-project 111. Pergamon Press would go on to publish the proceedings of numerous symposiums linked to MKULRA and clandestine research through his Symposium Division of Pergamon Press.

Elsewhere in memoirs regarding the launching of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, wild parties at Maxwell’s residence, Headington Hall are referred to.

In my next article I will be writing more about Maxwell’s links to  International Centre for Child Studies which funded the Institute of Child Health.  I will also be exploring the documentation that has informed these articles about Maxwell.

Mindmap Database

I have put a good deal of information in my online mindmap Cathi Morgan Research Brain Mindmap  which is searchable (click the down arrow if the search box isn’t visible).  Many of the entries have notes and links below them.  by Cathi Morgan


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Each of the surveys followed tens of thousands of children throughout their lives and recorded the most intimate details of a child’s life. This included psychological profiling, social profiling and all physical aspects including dna samples and in some cases collection of their placentas at birth. ” 


The Maxwell family has been receiving a good deal of attention recently due to Jeffery Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell being so much in the news. I’ve found documents relating to Robert Maxwell in the database I’ve made, containing documentation of my previous research showing that Maxwell had been closely linked to the very surveys I had been investigating in respect of my own background.

I was one of the children in the 1958 cohort of the NCDS surveys and after having been moved to research my own life it seems I had been part of some British version of the mkultra monarch program and linked to the secret British Military Intelligence Operation “Clockwork Orange” . This has also been linked to blackmail of politicians and specifically involved the sexual abuse of children from the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast. More on this to follow . .

Finding Robert Maxwell linked to these surveys set off alarm bells for me, considering that Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine Maxwell and her partner Epstein have been accused of child trafficking and setting up honey traps for the purpose of blackmailing politicians and other powerful figures.

The surveys followed tens of thousands of children and recorded the most intimate details of a child’s life. This included psychological profiling, social profiling and all physical aspects including dna samples and in some cases collection their placentas at birth. See for example Get the Placentas, by Gavin Francis

As it has been reported that Epstein was targeting the most vulnerable of children to groom for abuse it becomes clear that the survey data in the wrong hands could be also used to identify vulnerable children and the regular patterns of their daily life. As I delved further into this I was also alarmed to see other names coming up linked to the organisation administering the surveys, names that have been linked to paedophile cases or that may promote cause for concern for other reasons. For example along with Robert Maxwell benefactors to the organisation included Henry Kissinger, Cliff Richard, Roald Dahl and Mrs Thatcher

Shown below at the Reception for the International Centre for Child Studies at Banquet Hall, Westminster, 16th March 1983


HERE is The Lancet describing Kissinger as a patron 

Roald Dahl refers to his association with Professor Neville Butler in his book Georges Marvellous Medicine, Chapter 9 A Clue Here  HERE 

I will be discussing this in more depth in my next article and will be showing the documentation I have. Much of it is now behind a pay wall and a great deal isn’t even coming up in google search at all now. Lucky I kept a copy!

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with Cathi Morgan and Angie Power Disney discussing our experiences around narcissism, cptsd and ways to overcome these conditions, . . how they are effectively programmed and programmable states which may facilitate intervention of MKULTRA handlers and other players. We introduce our upcoming UK MKULTRA Research collaboration, researching the many links between UK historic delinquency studies, child care and corrective systems and the Tavistock Instute and thereby MKUKLTA Complex PTSD,

A Playlist with most of my presentations and interviews is linked below




Journey Into Knowing – Decoding the Matrix

AwakeCon Presentation 11/11/2017

I present some of my latest research including new information about covert population studies and documented UK links to Projects MKULTRA Bluebird and Artichoke.. I also look at links to the early British TV and film industry and Tavistock Institute and include previously undisclosed details from my personal story.

(I look a bit pirate-like due to a dental emergency which I didn’t get chance to fix prior to being filmed) 

Huge thanks to Taj and crew for doing a brilliant job organising the conference and to the other speakers. The audience were fantastic and very clued up, it really was great to meet everyone.

I’m not planning any further presentations, I’m going to focus on writing a book. (I will still be available for interviews).

Healing from trauma – by a survivor – I am finding this helps a lot.

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Here is my essay on healing of damage to the energy body caused by traumatic events.


I am writing and presenting this essay to further the investigation into extreme trauma, and to help those who have suffered it, with their own healing process. It is also a contribution to the prevention of child abuse. A wise friend said to me, words to the effect of, “It’s a lot easier to maintain health, than regain health.” It is based on my personal experience, coupled with a large amount of background information that I have gleaned over the years.

The method consists of focussing one’s awareness on the physical body, and from there locating and healing wounds in the energy body until the energy body is repaired, and health is restored. So the principle is straightforward. The details are more involved, and I explain them here fully as seven…

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