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I have spoken at length to one of the survivors of Kenneth O Milner’s  barbaric abusive treatment of children  We were able to identify  many features of the abusive incidents that correspond with events that occurred under MKULTRA.

Report is here:
BBC What went on at the hospital that experimented on children?

“The case is not against the NHS . .Milner was working for the Home Office”

On further investigation it transpires that Milner was on the Education Standing Committee for the Royal Medico Psychological Association with William Sargant in 1953 – 1954.

There is a 38 minute BBC Documentary about the case at the following link.

File on 4: What happened at Aston Hall Hospital? is on BBC Radio 4, 19 July at 20:00 BST – catch up on BBC iPlayer Radio

milner with sargant

Other members of the association in 1953-1954 include MKULTRA doctors Donald Ewen Cameron (McGill Hospital, Canada) and Joel Elkes (St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington).  Elkes opened an LSD clinic at Birmingham University Hospital during this period.

Click on the picture to be taken to the interactive MKULTRA UK research mindmap. (opens in new tab).  NB A huge amount of new data is in the process of being added to the mindmap.


Week End Events

Max Spiers Passing

I’d like to report on what has been and extraordinary week-end, completely overshadowed by the news about Max Spiers.
At around 6 pm on 16th July I was on stage presenting my latest research at Kerry’s Awake and Aware conference when I was startled but delighted when I momentarily thought I saw Max in the audience. I paused and stared for a moment and realised it wasn’t him. A few minutes later and again a glimpse of a person and a strong sensation that it was Max.


I heard Miles telling Kerry Max had died close to the time I left the stage at the end of my talk. I didn’t believe it.

The subject was brought up again when 26 conference speakers and attendees met afterwards, along with Kerry for a meal. I simply said “I hope to goodness it isn’t true” but the following day by piecing together the various reports it became clear that it was true. It is looking like the time I felt Max’s presence at Passing Clouds seems to be at the time of his death.

I still can’t believe Max has passed on. I was impressed by his courage, how he researched and how well he communicated what he found with others. What he said was important to awakening me to the more esoteric subject matter and aspects that might have taken a lot longer to understand, for example, the significance of The Knights Templar – who always kept good record of the bloodlines. I would have overlooked the probable significance of my father’s bloodline which I discuss in my upcoming Bases interview with Miles.

My sincere condolences to Max’s close friends and family, and everyone who knew him.  He was extraordinary. He   touched a lot of lives and awakened them to the wider aspects of what is going on.  He helped bring people together.

Awake and Aware Conference – Passing Clouds

It had been a landmark weekend, not just because I was delighted to present my research to a wider audience via Project Camelot. The sensation of people coming together in truth at an accelerated rate was huge.
Less than two weeks previously the computer I was working on had broken and I didn’t have the means to redo the slide show I had lost. I put out an appeal for funds and was moved and felt so motivated and invigorated when the donations of supporters enabled me to buy a cheap but nifty new mini laptop.
It was momentous for me to see my research being supported and getting out to a wider audience. I feel it is important to those awakening and asking questions in the UK of the “did something happen to me and my family?” To see the possibility as true and carefully documented helps acceptance – which can take a long long time. So I share what I find in the hope it will help larger numbers awaken to the truth.

By presenting detailed evidence of one example – my own, some people can literally relate to the same organisations and individuals in respect of their own experiences, whilst for others, on seeing a documented case of manipulation and covert intervention, it becomes more plausible at least to pause and consider it.

Last Minute Support

It was dramatic last minute support that even allowed my talk to happen:
I was due to fly out from Shannon, Ireland at 7:00 a.m. and had planned to check-in online, pack then get some sleep. I planned to leave at 3:00 am for the long drive to the airport.
When I went to check in I realised that I had booked the wrong date to return!
I sat with pen and paper and tried every which way to afford to change my ticket but it was impossible. By midnight I realised I couldn’t afford to go, and emailed Kerry to inform her and apologise. I was devastated. Before I closed my computer I noticed a message I had left unanswered from someone I had recently been introduced to online, a fellow researcher and truth seeker. When I told her what had happened she asked – how much do you need. She transferred the funds around 13:45. Then I was hectically off – running around getting dressed and packing.

Unique Meeting of the Original Wallys of Stonehenge

Another event in the UK at the weekend was the meeting of fifteen of the original Wallys of Stonehenge.


Meeting again for the first time all together and encamping at Glastonbury , I was honored to be invited if I could make it, which I couldn’t as I was at the conference on Saturday and flew back after lunch the next day. The Wallys pretty much began the People’s Free Festivals whereby the counterculture really started and soared in the UK. Previously unbeknownst to the participants at that time was the hand the CIA had in it.

I’ve recently been informed that there was Porton Down acid at the festivals, and that Wally Hope, aka Phil Russell who was killed by the state after getting the first Windsor People’s Festival together, had been treated by MKULTRA doctor, Humphrey Osmond.

One of those Research Coincidences

On the plane going home, it transpired that the person next to me was working for the Neal’s Yard company. This was a remarkable coincidence – the founder of that very company, Nick Saunders is probably the most significant person to my research right now, as I move into the area of the 70’s and the counterculture and it’s links to MKULTRA, and how it panned out in the UK. Not least because his father Alexander Carr Saunders was prominent in the eugenic population studies I am looking into, and the Tavistock linked London School of Economics.
Nick Saunders along with his friend Nick Albery have already featured in one of my presentations (“Transhumanism”) because of their role in the counterculture


Nick Carr Saunders. Neals Yard

Tragically Nick was killed in a car crash in South Africa in 1998 .  Two people I have talked to who were close to him have independently expressed suspicion about the death. The Independent Obituary


Part one of two-part conversation with Cathi Morgan of UK Mind Manipulation, on areas of overlap in research, the tots and pops, London School of Economics & Tavistock, Jimmy Savile, Mass Observation, and dance halls, the question of compulsion for a researcher, military underground bases, laying the groundwork for remembering, anchoring the memory, the mainstream conspiracy narrative vs. the subtleties of experience, conspiratainment as a safety valve, looking at history from a different perspective, putting the pieces together, finding yourself on the map of history, the devil in the details, if these are the means. . ., a rational basis for insanity, learning to distrust, putting up boundaries, Kinsey & child abuse, experimenting with twins, a family under surveillance, Jasun compares his abuse symptoms to his brother, the trauma of having a narcissistic mother, a two-faced father, hot-housing in childhood, the harm of early reading, the Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) and the Horsley family, a minefield of denial, the danger of digging, Tony Blair’s right-hand man.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Lonely Alibi,” by Sky Parade.




Published on May 27, 2016

Angela Power Disney in conversation with Cathi Morgan.

Further insights and facts regarding eugenic population studies in the UK and their relationship to MKULTRA and Mind Control.

From Ex-Nazi and Jewish refugee doctors in scenarios analogous to Operation Paperclip to Kinsey’s paedophiles Cathi and Angie continue to discuss their own experiences in view of Cathi’s in depth research into what was going.

This video follows on from the introductory “Groundbreaking New Evidence in UK Mind Control – Cathi and Angie in Conversation, published May 22nd 2016 at this channel