Reveal and Heal


It is widely accepted amongst those interested in these topics that there has been an agenda by the NWO or Illuminati to attempt to break down society, known as the Tavistock Agenda. In this blog I have described and documented how my research and recollections have led me to believe I was specifically programmed as part of the Tavistock agenda in experiments used to refine the techniques before rolling it out across this and other countries.

Obviously they aren’t going to implement such a massive programme without testing some of the methods first.  If you care to look further I think you will find my evidence compelling

I am not aware of any one else who has come forward in respect of similar experiments but would very much like to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences, or indeed from anyone brave enough to comment on this unfashionable subject that incorporates such non-trendy aspects as Ireland and UK politics in the 1950s  –  I am not expecting to be popular!

I believe some of us were programmed to imagine we had ET encounters which I guess is going to make me doubly unpopular.

Please be gentle with me – this does not mean I am denying the existence of UFO’s of extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional or other origins. I’m just saying it looks as though the subject has been used for ulterior purposes.

To read more of my experience see here.

You can see a summary of some of the documented facts leading to this conclusion here.

Why haven’t I spoken out sooner? Apart from the often stated fact that programming often breaks down after 35 or 40 years I can only add that when you are a child, whatever you experience is your normality. My abnormal experiences were normal to me, and I thought everyone had to deal with similar experiences, that they must be cleverer than me, more deserving, more talented, luckier even – because everyone seemed for the most part to have the ability to function properly and I didn’t.

For a long time children who understand something is wrong do not have the words or language to express this. By the time they do their crystal clear perception has been fogged by abuse, fear and rejection and frustration as well as being taught to doubt their own perception due to constant denial by their care takers.

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