Reveal and Heal

I have spoken at length to one of the survivors of Kenneth O Milner’s  barbaric abusive treatment of children  We were able to identify  many features of the abusive incidents that correspond with events that occurred under MKULTRA. Read the rest of this entry »


Week End Events

Max Spiers Passing

I’d like to report on what has been and extraordinary week-end, completely overshadowed by the news about Max Spiers. Read the rest of this entry »


Part one of two-part conversation with Cathi Morgan of UK Mind Manipulation, on areas of overlap in research, the tots and pops, London School of Economics & Tavistock, Jimmy Savile, Mass Observation, Read the rest of this entry »



Published on May 27, 2016

Angela Power Disney in conversation with Cathi Morgan.

Further insights and facts regarding eugenic population studies in the UK and their relationship to MKULTRA and Mind Control.

From Ex-Nazi and Jewish refugee doctors in scenarios analogous to Operation Paperclip to Kinsey’s paedophiles Cathi and Angie continue to discuss their own experiences in view of Cathi’s in depth research into what was going.

This video follows on from the introductory “Groundbreaking New Evidence in UK Mind Control – Cathi and Angie in Conversation, published May 22nd 2016 at this channel