Reveal and Heal

Journey Into Knowing – Decoding the Matrix

AwakeCon Presentation 11/11/2017

I present some of my latest research including new information about covert population studies and documented UK links to Projects MKULTRA Bluebird and Artichoke.. I also look at links to the early British TV and film industry and Tavistock Institute and include previously undisclosed details from my personal story.

(I look a bit pirate-like due to a dental emergency which I didn’t get chance to fix prior to being filmed) 

Huge thanks to Taj and crew for doing a brilliant job organising the conference and to the other speakers. The audience were fantastic and very clued up, it really was great to meet everyone.

I’m not planning any further presentations, I’m going to focus on writing a book. (I will still be available for interviews).

Comments on: "“Journey Into Knowing” a presentation by Cathi Morgan" (2)

  1. How to stop Mindcontrol and electronic torture:

  2. dark fruit said:

    Thank you so much for all your research, you have clarified a lot of things for me about my own life. I believe the scandal with Atos was designed to kill off a large group of people who had been experimented on, before we could all get together and piece together what had happened. I hope you get to write your book, I’ll certainly be buying it, and will share your material with my friends who will understand what is happening. I’m younger than you, and the methods of mind control have changed now and become more advanced. They no longer have to physically traumatise you as a child, a lot can be done digitally now, and all the music aimed at my generation was incredibly triggering and depressing etc. I too had abusive partners I now believe I was deliberately set up to meet at key points in my life to make me ill. This whole thing is much wider and darker than any of us originally expected, this didn’t just happen to a small selected group, they have attempted to do this to the whole of society. I have a feeling that there is now a change happening, and the powers that be have realised what has been done in the past and are actually trying to put it right, or at least stop it and cover up what has happened. Though a group still exist who are mainly controlling the media and music industry etc who want to keep it going. I of course can’t prove this, but it’s a strong feeling I get.

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