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Why I believe my son (deceased)  may have been targeted as a potential ‘Manchurian candidate’.

Rochdale Ripper Murders

A young man, Michael Hardacre became know as The Rochdale Ripper after committing several horrendous crimes of rape, assault and murder in Rochdale as described in this article Killer and Serial Rapist known as the Rochdale Ripper Jailed for Life

Michael Hardacre – The Rochdale Ripper

Hardacre, who didn’t remember what he had done, is described as being in and out of young offender institutes. Hardacre did not remember having committed the crimes:

“When questioned by police, Hardacre said he suffered regular blackouts resulting from a failed suicide attempt and could not remember if he carried out the attacks. He said: “I could have been doing anything while I was gone in that way.. anything from theft to murder.”

I am aware that generally failed suicides in Rochdale end up at the local Psychiatric Unit at Birch Hill Hospital.

My Own Son (Deceased) 

I discovered the details of the Hardacre case in 2015 after I became suspicious that my own son Martin (deceased 2005) may have been targeted for covert manipulation.

Looking more into Hardacre ( The Rochdale Ripper) I was shocked to find that Hardacre had lived a few hundred yards from where I had lived with Martin and the rest of my family from 1986 to 1990, whilst Hardacre lived there. They were close to the same age so it is extremely likely that they knew each other as 9 year old children.

Later in his life, my son, Martin would also go on to spend time  at the local Psychiatric Unit which was located at Birch Hill after he began behaving bizarrely in 2001 and was diagnosed with a ‘thought disorder’.  He disappeared from the Psychiatric Unit in January 2005 and wasn’t  found until April when his body was recovered from a local reservoir at Ogden, Newhey .

Hardacre had 29 pages of ‘form’ and Martin, (unlike any of my other children)  also had a list of cautions pages long (for petty offences committed as a child – for example  theft (taking bottles of milk from doorsteps) and “obtaining money by deception” (keeping money he had solicited for fictitious sponsored walks).

The Manchester Evening News reported

“But the same police officers who have been arresting and re-arresting Hardacre, of St John’s Court, Newbold, since 1987 – he has 29 pages of “form” – never had him marked down as a monster. They did not look on him as someone who would batter to death a defenceless 65-year-old woman as she walked the few yards home from her local pub”. (my emphasis)

My son Martin’s offences and cautions all started some time after we moved to Newbold at the end of 1986, right next to St John’s Court in fact, where Hardacre – who became the Ripper – was living.

My Son Martin just before he disappeared

UntitledThe picture on the left shows my son when he was under medication – he used to look normal and attractive before his psychiatric treatment. His disappearance is reported in the link below



There is a great deal more to be told in this respect about Martin’s life including circumstances around his birth and how he was traumatised as a toddler.

Martin was born at Hammersmith hospital where the neonatal unit had been founded and was run by Peter Tizard whose father Henry Tizard was the British representative who took part in secret talks, on 1st June 1951 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Montreal, that led to collaboration on MKULTRA programmes between Canada, the USA and Britain.  Specifically Projects Bluebird and Artichoke.

“One of the most controversial meetings Tizard had to attend in his capacity as chair of the Defence Research Policy Committee would only emerge many years later with the declassification of CIA documents, namely a meeting on June 1, 1951 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, between Tizard, Omond Solandt (chairman of Defence Research and Development Canada) and representatives of the CIA, to discuss brainwashing.”

Other Peculiar ‘Coincidences’

My consultant at Martin’s birth – Hugh Jolly, was a co-author with Geoffrey Chamberlain who was one of the five members of ‘the team’ who had studied my twin sister and myself from birth.  (NCDS 1958 Lifelong Study).  Additionally I had attended childbirth classes with a midwife who was also a colleague of Chamberlain.

There had been a number of anomalies linked to our experiences with those conducting the survey, for example, the documentation clearly stated that the cohort (of 17000) would be studied via occasional questionnaires. However my parents stated that we were visited frequently (“at least every three months”) from birth and that we were regularly taken to appointments with doctors.  (I have recordings of my parents testimony on this – available on request.)

In fact, my parents, my twin sister and I had moved to Bath in Somerset in 1962 – just 10 miles away from the NCDS team.  We lived there for seven years during which I had a number of experiences commonly linked to MKULTRA which I have spoken about extensively (see playlist of my talks and interviews at cathimorgan youtube channel.)

Not only that but the very village of Swainswick where I lived with my family whilst in Bath had long been associated with and mostly owned by Oriel College, Oxford, where both Peter and Henry Tizard were fellows. (We had lived at 6 Oriel Gardens, Swainswick.)

When Tizard returned from the Montreal meeting described above where the MKULTRA talks had taken place, brainwashing courses were set up at the Intelligence Corps’ Maresfield, Sussex site.   The Officers Mess of the Intelligence Corps had been based at Oriel College, Oxford.  


See also this article from THE MCCLAUGHRY’s BLOG which states

“Just look at what came out of that meeting in Montreal –”

Within just a few years, this allied scientific offensive would include:

  • a British “intelligence research unit” at Maresfield, Sussex;
  • an Anglo-American facility near Frankfurt for lethal experiments on captured Soviet-bloc “expendables”;
  • CIA-funded psychology research at leading U.S. universities;
  • periodic allied conferences to exchange results; and above all,
  • classified Canadian studies of sensory deprivation at McGill University

(Weinstein, 1990, p. 274; Meek, 2005; Marks, 1979, pp. 32–33; Ignatieff, 1 April 2001).


Martin’s Father: MKULTRA Links

So what was the background of Martin’s father?  His family had close links to author Brian Inglis, in fact Inglis was godfather to my partner’s brother. Inglis had linked up with CIA linked Macy Conference attendee Arthur Koestler and 1001 club member Instone Bloomfield to create the KIB (Koestler, Inglis and Bloomfield) foundation.

Inglis and Bloomfield had been active members of  the British Society for Psychical Research, in fact Inglis had been editor of it’s magazine.  Cited by his son, Neil as a friend of Uri Geller, (HERE), both Inglis and Bloomfield had contact with MKULTRA doctor Andrija Puharich when Puharich brought Uri Geller to the UK.  According to Puharich he and Uri Geller had stayed at Bloomfield’s hotel –

“Uri, Shipi and I went from Munich to London on October 30. In London we stayed at the Royal Garden Hotel, which was then owned by my close friend, Tony Bloomfield.”

Chapter 7: Uri-A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller by Andrija Puharich Retrieved HERE

(You will need to use your “search page” function or if on a computer, press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ keys together to find the quotation)


Association with Royal Garden Hotel see HERE

and further information  HERE

My original article also noted the following connection:

Langley Council Housing Estate

In a disturbing account this Guardian article describes another young man known to have committed a brutal and senseless murder that took place in 2000.   Robert Stewart had also lived in the area, just 7.4 miles away on Langley Council Estate, Middleton, Manchester .

Robert Stewart

Others have noted that Langley Estate, Middleton has a similar name to the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia and that one of the aims of the CIA’s MKULTRA program was to create Manchurian Candidates – a word not dissimilar to the word Mancunian (Someone from Manchester).

The similarity between his tattoo and that of Charles Manson (who has  also been linked to MKULTRA) is obvious.

Manson Tattoo in same location

From the article reporting the Feltham murder:

“Stewart, 19 at the time of the murder, [March 2000] had a deep-seated personality disorder that “deprived him of all sense of conscience,” (The report found) “Stewart had been in and out of prisons and young offender institutions, displaying bizarre behaviour such as swallowing batteries, flooding his cell and talking to walls.”

My son Martin was a regular visitor to his father’s flat on Langley Estate, Middleton and lived there with his father from 1993 to 1997.


Comments on: "Mancunian Murderers and Manchurian Candidates" (2)

  1. i was a mind control victim satanic abuse mind control in the 80s (in london)and still hearing voices of my controllers, its amazing the links and research youve done, i did the same but because im the only witness to my abuse and abusers, they all work for mental health in my area some are high up in the council, mind control and satanic abuse are so real in this country it goes right to the top, they can inject you with a poison or laced drink and your insane for life, unless you see the injection going in you dont feel it, ive been poisoned many times, i cant even get arrested for the cover up by the police and social services, i pray you dont get done by these people, mind control starts in childhood, but poisoning can turn you insane, be careful these people are ruthless beyond evil

  2. i wonder how caius college and the Battersea caius club and Lady Pembertons property near Bath might fit in with my targeting ,not forgeting the royal dental hospital and its associated Lodge

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