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I have spoken at length to one of the survivors of Kenneth O Milner’s  barbaric abusive treatment of children  We were able to identify  many features of the abusive incidents that correspond with events that occurred under MKULTRA.

Report is here:
BBC What went on at the hospital that experimented on children?

“The case is not against the NHS . .Milner was working for the Home Office”

On further investigation it transpires that Milner was on the Education Standing Committee for the Royal Medico Psychological Association with William Sargant in 1953 – 1954.

There is a 38 minute BBC Documentary about the case at the following link.

File on 4: What happened at Aston Hall Hospital? is on BBC Radio 4, 19 July at 20:00 BST – catch up on BBC iPlayer Radio

milner with sargant

Other members of the association in 1953-1954 include MKULTRA doctors Donald Ewen Cameron (McGill Hospital, Canada) and Joel Elkes (St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington).  Elkes opened an LSD clinic at Birmingham University Hospital during this period.

Click on the picture to be taken to the interactive MKULTRA UK research mindmap. (opens in new tab).  NB A huge amount of new data is in the process of being added to the mindmap.



Comments on: "UK Mkultra: Child sex abuse doctor Kenneth Milner shown to be associated with William Sargant" (3)

  1. Fantastic work, Thanks for all your effort under difficulty, Cathi

  2. […] UK Mkultra: Child sex abuse doctor Kenneth Milner shown to be associated with William Sargant [21]  and if you want to go directly to her information on the brain Cathi Morgan UK MK Ultra […]

  3. well done cathi . great site and thank you x

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