Reveal and Heal


Part one of two-part conversation with Cathi Morgan of UK Mind Manipulation, on areas of overlap in research, the tots and pops, London School of Economics & Tavistock, Jimmy Savile, Mass Observation, and dance halls, the question of compulsion for a researcher, military underground bases, laying the groundwork for remembering, anchoring the memory, the mainstream conspiracy narrative vs. the subtleties of experience, conspiratainment as a safety valve, looking at history from a different perspective, putting the pieces together, finding yourself on the map of history, the devil in the details, if these are the means. . ., a rational basis for insanity, learning to distrust, putting up boundaries, Kinsey & child abuse, experimenting with twins, a family under surveillance, Jasun compares his abuse symptoms to his brother, the trauma of having a narcissistic mother, a two-faced father, hot-housing in childhood, the harm of early reading, the Pedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) and the Horsley family, a minefield of denial, the danger of digging, Tony Blair’s right-hand man.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Lonely Alibi,” by Sky Parade.




  1. Hi Cathy
    I just listened to this interview and found it extremely interesting. There are several parallels with my own process that struck me: age 52 was when I began researching my family and childhood in quite similar ways to you. Age 4: my grandmother tried to teach me to read as I was already a MKULTRA subject along with my twin brother, in Montreal. Age 11, my parents seemed to realize something was wrong and pulled us out of the program, or so i have deduced from what happened. I’ve written much of this out in a book called MY COLD WAR, available on Lulu,com. Also was listening to your interview with Angela Power Disney a few days ago.

    One detail that you might find interesting — re: English dance halls, which Jasun has written about in connection with Jimmy Saville. My father’s psychiatrist at the Allan Memorial (where he was hospitalized and partially depatterned in 1962, when my brother and I were 11, possibly as punishment for his resistance to our further programming) was a British former RAF pilot turned psychiatrist, Dr, Peter Roper. Roper was Dr Ewen Cameron’s ‘most enthusiastic disciple’ and also allegedly a ‘sociopath’ as well as pedophile. He also appears in a famous British documentary film, A DIARY FOR TIMOTHY, directed by Humphrey Jennings, made just after the war to present a blueprint for the New Britain, which talked about the NHS and also the ‘Dance Halls’ where Roper, age 25, is shown dancing with a woman as part of his rehabilitation from being wounded in his plane while flying in a bombing raid over Germany in 1945.

    If you see the weirdness of the future MKULTRA psychiatrist appearing in a film about post-war social engineering in the UK, before completing his medical training and moving to Canada to get involved in mind control experiments including on families and children of the military (my father was a RCAF flight sergeant and military intelligence agent) —

    Such a small world, and so very controlled…

    Thanks very much for your work which I will be folllowing —

    Ann D.

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    Cathy Morgan investigates her childhood, with a little help from Jasun Horsley.

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