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Comments on: "Interview with Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot" (1)

  1. Cathi Morgan said:

    Richard Card
    27 May
    ” I caught some of it Cathi Morgan. Interesting. There is a bit of a mystery with twins in my family as it happens. My grandfather’s mother Lily Louisa Mills and her identical twin Louisa Lily Mills. Granddad and his older sister, from a terrace house in Crewe, were collected by chauffeur or horsedrawn carriage to be privately educated. Granddad was doing square roots long hand by the age of 7. Then it stopped and he was working the Card market stall from aged about 8 and then in Staffordshire mines.

    Granddad told people his mother was Bertram Mills sister. But another person doing genes reunited research told me that was not true but oddly enough Lily Louisa Mills had worked for Bertram Mills Circus it seems in the 1920s when like Korda Films it was an asset of MI6. So perhaps she claimed to be related to the boss so no one gave her a hard time ?

    On my Suffolk grandma side she told me that when the research was done for the book “Giant of Oldbourne” the researchers were interested in other Suffolk families possibly related to the giant Page. In particular the Suffolk giant Porter who was my grandma’s great or great great grandfather. Whoever did this research told them they thought it was an Icelandic Viking bloodline that settled that part of Suffolk coast. So some classic bloodline and there be giants research ? Possibly.

    I feel sure your research would inevitably link to what was going on in Suffolk. Your story is similar to Libman Engels research project moinica in a way and you know J W Paulley of Ipswich Hospital was a correspondent with USA Libman Engels.”

    Richard Card
    27 May at 13:23

    “Did you come across anything on stillbirth falsifications and secret adoptions ? As you know I am interested in who the West country women stillbirth group were who rented a cottage opposite Sue RYder HQ Suffolk 1971 72. I wonder why they were observing Ryder. Australia and Canada have admitted falsifying still births and babies being put through catholic adoption but say it ended 1973. UK has never admitted it. Of course Ryder’s husband Leonard Cheshire charity was used by Tavistock in the 60s for group psychiatric research on inmate communities. a 3 year study commissioned by Dept of Health but still subject of public interest custodianship secrecy of attorney general.

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