Reveal and Heal

Cathi Morgan in Conversation with Angela Power Disney

Previous videos at her you tube channel describe how Cathi was able to discover that other members of a national survey she was part of (NCDS) did not have any contact until the age of 6 whereas Cathi and her twin were visited at least every three months for a range of tests and medical type examination.

Her family moved to Swainswick, Bath when she was 4 years old until she was 11, and her house was located less than four miles from Corsham, the location of a deep underground base which was classified until 2003. Angela actually lived at the base, her father being posted there as a member of the RAF. The base features an underground city with 60 miles of rail track. The UK Supercomputers have long been housed at Corsham.
What has been happening seems to be intergenerational, Cathi’s maternal grandmother told her many times that her mother was a twin and the other twin was taken away, alive. Both Cathi’s mother and grandfather appear to have been gaslighting her grandmother. Her mother denies she is a twin although born on time at home, and fully formed she weighed just 3lbs – absolutely congruent with being a twin.

Bath is a deeply masonic city and the freemason architect requested he be buried in Swainswick, where the Sword of Bladdud was kept. The sword was eventually moved to Oriel College, Oxford, who owns much of Swainswick, a tiny village. Bladdud and his sword are of immense significance in both Golden Dawn and Masonic literature.

Cathi’s grandmother went to school with Edith Meadowcroft who would become Lady Morrison. They attended Rochdale Convent run by refugee German nuns.

Lady Morrison was around Cathi’s grandmother at the time she gave birth to her mother. She visited and was also spending a lot of time with her great Aunt Winnie who lived next door to her grandmother and who was Lady M’s best friend. Winnie was close to the family and visited Cathi and her family when they lived in Bath.

Lady Morrison was on the council of National Assoc for Freedom and contributed a chapter to their book “In Defense of Freedom”. Numerous council members had close MI5 and CIA associations for example Lord De L’Isle, Anthony Flew, John Gouriet and Robert Moss.

Cathi’s mother reported that her grandmother often mention a connection with Lady Moran though she was unable to give further details.

Cathi’s grandfather’s sister was taken away from the family to be educated properly. Her son Gordon Z Harris (Cathi’s mum’s cousin) was a math genius and worked as a defence research scientist on Blue Streak and Black Knight rockets, worked with Thatcher etc etc

Cathi has video testimony from her parents refering to the twin issue, the survey, doctors visits etc.

Recorded 9th May 2016
Cathi Morgan has been researching how her own background links to MKULTRA providing a useful resource about little known links and aspects in the UK. Cathi has been researching this for 6 years.


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