Reveal and Heal

Part 1

I have been researching anomalous events in my own upbringing, one of which was the fact that my twin, parents and I were moved to Bath, Somerset in 1962 for seven years and were living in close proximity to the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering. I have been examining who was on the board of this institution as you will see HERE (important please view)

When you view the link (above) you will see that on the board of the second meeting of the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering were prominent eugenicists, representatives from the Ministry of Defence, The Nuffield unit, E. M Rothschild and the Astor family, and Charles Darwin’s great grandson, Erasmus Darwin Barlow who was a colleague of MKULTRA’s William Sargant.  It was also attended by the Tory M.P. for Bath, Sir Edward Brown, who lived a few hundred yards from my house, who visited us and whose grandchild I played with.  I attended parties there and was in his house many times.

(Original Bath Institute of Medical Engineering report)

In the following article and video Red List News reports a breakthrough in  instant mind control technology.

” The findings were presented at the annual meeting of experimental biology in San Diego, California. “

“Correcting brain functioning may actually be able to restore people to full operation levels if they’ve had a spinal injury”

Quoting from the lead researcher, Dr. Hillel Adesnik,

“We believe we will soon be able to treat the brain functioning as the keyboard of a piano”

Science Daily

How many people with physical disabilities do you know who have been able to avail of the increasingly sophisticated breakthrough technologies, some of which have been with us for decades, and much of which has been researched using our tax contributions?

Is this type of research and development a front, and do the majority of people it is supposed to be developed to help ever get to see or use it?.  Certainly not my daughter, 23 who is unable to walk due to cerebral palsy is and who is forced to use the same wheelchair that she was provided with at the age of 12.

From the article at Science Daily

Date:April 5, 2016Source:Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)Summary:For the first time, researchers have developed a microscope capable of observing — and manipulating — neural activity in the brains of live animals at the scale of a single cell with millisecond precision. The device, which uses lasers to create holographic images within the brain, is envisioned as a “Rosetta Stone” to crack the code on how brains work.

Is the guise of Medical Engineering a cover- used to develop methods by which the population’s very thoughts may be manipulated?  How long has the capability been with us? Is it true that sophisticated technologies of this nature are developed decades before the public is informed and could it be that this technology may explain certain types of channelled messages or behaviour that appears completely out of character in prominent figures.


I have been following the subject of mind control since I began teaching in the 1980’s. First There was Jose Delgado in 1961 when he defeated a bull, in a bull fight, through frequency exposure. Delgado later went to work for the CIA.

There there was the work of Dr. Nick Begich in which he cataloged such things as voice to skull technology in which he could beam voices inside the head of a person and make them believe that this was real. The demonstrations by Begich were so powerful that the European Parliament banned such work based on Begich’s presentation. Begich later uncovered patents which showed that mood alteration was possible on a wide scale basis from HAARP and chemtrails. Through their patent applications, the government is admitting that the advancements in mind control are real.

A newly released study showed that mind control has just crossed the threshold and the results are described below. When one extrapolates what this means to humanity, the  implications are frightening.




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