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Hakluyt, Christine Hart

COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT: My links with other Bases Interviewees part 1

I have been off the scene for quite some time, but have resumed my research with some phenomenal links and evidence.

Those of you that listen to Miles’ Bases series will be aware of Christine Hart (Bases 50) and may recall her talking about her links with the private intelligence firm – Hakluyt.


“The idea was to do for industry what we had done for the government”

— Hakluyt co-founder Christopher James

“In addition to MacLean, the founders of the highly discreet Hakluyt & Company were the Earl of Jellico, who was head of a committee to reform intelligence and security under the Thatcher government and then president of the Royal Geographic Society; and Brian Cubbon, former permanent secretary at the Home Office who was candidate in 1987 to head the Secret Service.”

“In 1995 he helped found  Hakluyt & Company, a strategic intelligence and advisory firm, for which he was a director 1996–2000. He was president of the SAS Regimental Association 1996–2000, when he became its patron.” (WIKI)

Earl George Jellicoe designed buildings (complete with masonic symbols) in Alice Park which was built on the grounds of The Elms mansion in Swainswick, Bath Somerset in memory of Alice Wallis who had lived there.  Her father H B Wallis co-invested in and directed companies in Kimberly with Cecil Rhodes.

The house where I lived 1962-1969 was also built on the grounds of The Elms

There was an underground bunker in the park, which was in close proximity to the Burlington underground city at Corsham

(Whilst living in that house, my mother encountered a neighbour with a family member who was involved in the Cambridge Spy scandal, and  became the elderly lady’s godmother when she converted to catholicism.)

The photo below is of Alice Park when it opened in 1938.  Notice the monarch style girl at the front – and who is the character in the hat at the back?

I find it remarkable that both Jellicoe and my mum’s cousin worked on Concorde and worked with Thatcher’s reorganisation of the Defence Services and that Jellicoe also designed buildings at the park on the land our house was built on, and was a member of the Athenaeum Club, where I worked when I ran away to London at aged 15. He worked along side at least two of the Cambridge Spies,

Below – Cecil Rhodes and H B Wallis – one example of their association.

Here is where I published the above information 12 months ago – long before Christine’s interviews with Miles.

Edit 4th April 2016

Jellicoe was also twice director of S. G Warburg & Co 1964–1970, 1973–1988 and and was a liveryman of the ultra-masonic City of London’s  Worshipful Company of Mercers.(wiki)


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