Reveal and Heal

The hackers were supposedly a group called Hell C’oders (Moroccan Hacker) who have a couple of facebook pages.

First I wrote on the page asking why they did it . Then it clicked – it probably wasn’t them but MI or CIA aiming to kill two birds with one stone, first to take off my info and second to cause division between Truthers and Muslims.

Then again, I reasoned maybe it was simply that their Script Kiddies were out of control and indiscriminately vandalising anyone anywhere.  Anyway they never replied to me which makes them look a bit fake – a CIA front even? Who knows!

Dear Moroccan hacker network

WARNING The elite / Illuminati (probably CIA, MI5 or Mossad) are hacking and putting your name to the hacks.
My website Truth Quest ( was hacked. The hacker left YOUR name – “HaCked By Hell C’oders (~ Moroccan HaCker ~)”
All my muslim friends, relatives, grandchildren support the TRUTH so I am pretty sure you guys wouldn’t do this.
My site is/was an ANTI-Illuminati site – I am a researcher of mind control and an MKULTRA victim.
As a truth seeker I do not work for anyone. I am penniless as I refuse to work for Elite Corporations, so it is a problem for me financially now. I can’t afford to pay someone to get it fixed. They are asking $200 on line which I simply don’t have.
Anyway, thought you should know they are using your name!!

Comments on: "My Websites have all been Hacked" (3)

  1. Courage, Cathi,
    It’s just incredible how much the taxpayers are unaware of the extent all the covert harrassement, trolling, etc, is costing them ! Add the corruption and wars, and if all this was removed, the tax rate could drop to a shilling in the pound ! !

    You’re one of the heroes, take care, and God watch over you ! !

  2. nathaniel steedman said:

    Been an mk ultra victim myself tried brainwasing me to beleive that I commuted a crime as an adolescent told me told everyone im a paedophile which im not wen the people behind mk ultra are illumnati paedophiles now im trying to claim for physchogical had last 4months of work because of it ruined my career out of revenge and I refused to bow to FALSE idols ruined my reputation and my career over internet

    • Sounds exactly what they are doing from what I am discovering. Stay strong. Check out CPTSD on ways to avoid triggers and . . . good luck

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