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Shorter Summary – highlights of  UK MKULTRA Link to CIA sponsored Anti-Communist groups

(Article below)

Le Cercle, Anti Communist Paranoia: Teacher describes his essay  Rogue Agents as a study of the ‘Paneuropean Right’ and begins by describing a super-powerful, little known international group the Pinay Cercle, it ‘s links with international Intelligence / Secret Services and how it interlocks a host of powerful Right Wing groups including Opus Dei, the Moonies, etc along into the Paneuropean Union.

Circle members Otto von Habsburg, Antoine Pinay, Paul Volcker, Reinhard Gehlen, and Prince Al-Faisal.

Teacher documents how the CIA spent a great deal of money and manpower in the late 1940′s / 1950′s to gain a controlling role in the European situation as it was developing, ensuring that anti-communist propaganda was spread throughout Europe

MKULTRA a Psyop / Cover Story? The anti communist rationale is looking increasingly like a cover story which was  believed by many of those who participated in the operation. It created the opportunity and paved the way for a psychopathic controlling elite to gain tremendous power over regular citizens as it began to apply those techniques to the entire populations of the USA and Europe.  A major factor in keeping these activities covered up seems to be the use of blackmail. See this article. 2014

The Role of UK’s Super Spook Brian Crozier described in his Guardian Obituary as Intelligence expert, historian and journalist which seems a bit of an understatement, Crozier, was head of the  CIA’s propaganda outfit Forum World Features which carried out work for the Council for Cultural Freedom. He was also a member and one time chair  of the Pinay Cercle and a founder member of the ultra right wing British group NAFF (National Association for Freedom) Many of the founder members were also members of the Monday Club (connected to the Elm Guest House case) 

Arthur Koestler helped found the CIA’s CCF (Congress for Cultural Freedom).  In the 1960s, he took LSD with Timothy Leary. . During the final years of his life he established the KIB Society(with Brian Inglis and Tony Bloomfield), . . . in his capacity as Vice President of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, later renamed Exit, he wrote a powerful pamphlet on suicide, outlining the case both for and against, with a section dealing specifically with how best to do it.” Metapedia

The KIB Society stands for Koestler , Inglis and Bloomfield. Inglis was Godfather to my first partner ( father of my two sons). Instone Bloomfield was a member of the elite powerful secret 1001 Club whose members include David Rockerfeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Maurice Strong (pictured).

Prince Philip is one of the founders and a member of the 1001 Club and worked closely with Sir Peter Parker on the Commonwealth Study Group. He “was invited to Buckingham Palace” to discuss this in May 1954.  parkersaville(Parker was chairman of the Associated British Maltsers in 1970. ABM  bought E Bailey & Sons who my father worked for in 1963 – 1970 and who owned the house we lived in). 

It was Parker in his role as chairman of British Rail who brought in Savile as “The Face of British Rail” In a 1970’s advertising campaign.

A contact who had a family member working at the Military Base at Corsham close to the house we lived in at Swainswick, Bath has told me Prince Philip was a frequent visitor to the base.

Prince Philip is pictured below along with Peter Parker at one of the preliminary meetings of the Commonwealth Study Group ON A SHIP!.Parker’s wife, Lady Gillian Parker (nee Rowe-Dutton) is a trustee and founder member of the British False Memory Society. (In the USA the False Memory Association was founded by Drs. associated with MKULTRA in an apparent bid to cover up their activities.)


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