Reveal and Heal

Here’s how they control you

Work for the corporations every day.  (Small companies are folding like dominoes as the recession bites.) They suck all your energy out of you, but in return you get to drive a car, watch TV, eat out and buy take away food. y’know.  That’s the carrot

The stick is the benefit system.

Before developing the ATOS computer assessment program to make sure 50% would be kicked off sickness benefit they built huge national health service buildings in every district and town in the UK.  Funded in part privately including by American and French interests, they are each designed to deal with 250,000 people per year presenting with ‘psychological problems’ aka unable to cope.

Once you lose or leave your job you are on the edge of a precipice where losing your home and becoming homeless is one false step away.

Once unemployed you have several choices:

Stay in bed most of the time because you can’t afford to do anything else on £50 per week, certainly not put your heating on, and probably not afford a TV licence.  Be careful.  It won’t be long before social drinking in pleasant restaurants transforms into comfort gained from cheap alcohol from the off-licence

Go to your doctor and tell him you are depressed (you will be, when you try and live on £50 per week).  He will put you on anti depressants thus generating income for the corporations who no doubt invested in the health centres.  On  anti-depressants – you’ll be able to stay out of bed, sitting in a chair and staring into the middle distance. You’ll sleep better but die sooner

You are unlikely to be given recuperation time because ATOS finds everyone including the dying as capable of work.  (The Citizen advice workers described the administrators of these assessments as robot nurses).  70% of those who lost their sickness benefits and appealed had it reinstated so now they are going to withdraw legal aid for that.

You will be told pretty soon that as you haven’t found a job (hundreds or thousands of applicants for each vacancy as the recession bites) you will have to work for free, to qualify for your benefits – the latest scheme by the way.

Be prepared to become totally invisible to the rest of society including your old mates and colleagues who vaguely think people on the dole live an idle and cushy luxurious life at their expense because that’s what the papers keep saying.

Alternatively you could turn to crime because you can’t afford to live on £50 per week except by staying in bed or sitting in a chair staring into the middle distance.

How is that much different from when the Eugenicists – the missionary couple – the Burden’s proposed in the 1930’s that the the population should be tested at the age of 11 and any one under par should be incarcerated in a huge national mental colony, working for free. Amongst other surveys, 85000 were given an IQ test at the age of 11 in 1947 in the Scottish Mental Survey. The tests were administered at the LSE London School of Economics, funded by the Eugenics society.

They modified the plan, made it a bit more subtle – put it on hold.  They financed the Burden Neurological Institute, which is where it was  figured out what the best flicker rate for a TV is to put people in a hypnotic trance.  Work there and elsewhere was done to discover on effective psycho-tronic frequencies for manipulating behaviour.  Digital TV involved a network of transmitters being established.

Finally the financial collapse was engineered and those huge NHS centres built.  As the jobs dwindle, people will work for free for their £50.  Effectively doing just what the Burdens proposed 75 years ago except no need for warders, the inmates feed and clothe themselves.





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