Reveal and Heal


This is a great concise introduction to Tavistock and it’s role in social engineering and manipulation of the masses that has brought about the distracted and unthinking populations we see today who have been successfully controlled increasingly not to interact or think for themselves and to simply sit in front of the TV and absorb the programmes ie the programming!

A Conservative View

I hope everyone enjoyed the four articles I chose to re-post this week. The election this year needs to be the focus of every American who would like to see our Government find a way to live within its budget and stop spending our grand children’s future. We have slowly watched our freedoms reduced and the morass of Federal Regulations force all of our manufacturing advantages mover to other countries with no return on our inventions. Unless the entire world agrees 100% to identical regulations no improvement can possibly be gained. Now we have far too many Americans on welfare, unemployment, food stamps with nothing gained but $18 trillion in debt. Washington is leaderless and if the women, aliens, unions, and the dead let another Socialists add to the eventual bankruptcy our enemies have defeated us without a shot. Our enemy today is a government, Congress, Executive Branch and the…

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