Reveal and Heal


Well well well – I’ve been on google earth and started to identify the other mansions built around our little avenue (yes there were quite a few – I’m telling you – it was a strange place). I’ve had to really dig around to get the information on these properties, there is very little and it can take hours of following leads. But as this is all the supporting evidence for the weird stuff to follow, for which I have very little evidence except my own testimony I feel it is important, and it will be there for people to track back to.

Now why am I not surprised to discover that one of the other mansions, again just a few hundred yards from our old house was a mental institution?
The following is what I added to my blog yesterday

Bailbrook Lunatic Asylum

Another large mansion complex behind Oriel Gardens was Bailbrook Asylum, that in it’s early days provided facilities for wealthy patients after which a wing was added for paupers. It was a mental institution from the early 1800’s until 1974, although in 1971 it “changed it’s name to a nursing home as most patients by then were either elderly or frail”. Many patients resided there for their entire lives. Although you will now be challenged to try and find information about it, it was once famous for ‘pioneering’ early techniques. For example, in 1895 the medical director, Emory Lanphear MD, PHD advocated ‘trepanning’ or boring holes in the scull of the patient. He lectured on “The Operative Treatment of Idiocy”. (Twenty five years later William Grey Walter was to conduct an experiment boring one hundred holes in the head of a patient).”The Medical Society of the United States was an organization founded by Ohmann-Dumesnil and Emory Lanphear AMA

I’ve been looking into who was the Medical Director of Bailbrook Asylum when as a child I was living a few hundred yards away. This is how he is described by Tony Robinson when he did a program on the subject:

“In 1962, respected Bath psychiatrist Dr Arthur Guirdham was visited by a female patient who was haunted by vivid and violent nightmares from a moment in history of which she had no prior knowledge.
She recounted names, details and historical information that Dr Guirdham recognised as belonging to the Cathars, Christian heretics who were pursued by the French Inquisition and eventually massacred at Montségur in 1244.
Soon after her revelations, other women started coming forward with similar flashbacks and detail, leading Dr Guirdham to believe that he was witnessing an unbelievable occurrence – mass reincarnation.

I immediately ordered his autobiography and another of his books, and am currently trying to work out if he was himself an unwitting subject of an early mind control experiment or if his interpretation of events was correct . .

What is interesting is some of the descriptions of how prior to receiving their psychic messages they sometimes describe hearing a high pitched noise, and experiencing dizzyness . . hmmm

Coincidental is that his interest in the Cathars led him to Bulgaria where I bought a house myself a couple of years ago, and upon researching the Cathars, who I knew nothing about until last week, I find a strong affinity with some of their views – renouncing materialism which I stated was my intention at the age of 17, and eating a vegetarian diet that includes fish, which is what I have eaten, again since the age of 17

Guirdham with some of his incarnated soul group at historic site in France


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