Reveal and Heal


I  shared a few emails with Sarah about my experiences and my ptsd and she  has passed on a few helpful links, so when she blogged a post entitled “Help Required . .” I responded by suggesting maybe I could set up a forum for experiencers who are feeling lonely and isolated.

I am sorry that I didn’t read the post more carefully first, because what she describes is quite heavy and not something I want to get involved in, especially without having any facts or information.

I wouldn’t even have made this post referring to it except I want to make it clear that when I commended her it was for asking for help and speaking out about her feelings of loneliness and isolation because this is something I find really difficult.

I have in the past also spoken to James Casbolt, and he was also quite helpful, providing some useful links and comments so I want to make it clear that my comments were not made in reference to this dispute.



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