Reveal and Heal

Copied from Alternative Eating  ” A grain based approach to daily food, drawing on  world wide cooking styles and traditions using unrefined ingredients”.

Basic Principles

It is cheap to use whole foods free from additives, seasoned with natural traditional condiments. It’s also the cheapest way to eat – at least if you want it to be. . . it’s great because someone has already worked out all the nutritional aspects, if you follow a few simple guidelines you can be certain you won’t get the diseases caused by over-nutrition.

Nature Provides Real Food Abundantly

Stop eating refined, processed and chemical foods and choose instead any whole grains, any pulses and beans and virtually any fruits and vegetables. Season them with natural condiments made using time honored methods.  The result will be increased energy and  freedom from illness and although it may seem hard to believe – happiness.

No need to diet – you’ll automatically settle in your ideal weight.   Eat all you want of these foods and prepare them using delicious methods developed over millenia. My aim is to teach anyone who wishes to learn a basic repertoire of quick nutritious and easy to prepare dishes.  Specifically so that you learn to easily create your own recipes.

You can ensure you get adequate nutrition by following the cooking methods found  throughout the world where people have discovered over thousands of years what is necessary not just to survive but how to thrive and how to eat in harmony with nature.

Don’t be fooled by the saccharine voices of manufactures implying cooking for your self is complicated or beyond your expertise.  It isn’t true, mankind has spent eons developing these methods, to be ever easier, ever tastier and more importantly,  nutritionally appropriate for humans.   Eating this way doesn’t generate ££’s for the corporations who have spent big money on equipment and structures to industrialise our food, it’s main goal being financial, not nutritional it is largely detrimental for our health especially when eaten frequently.  In order to protect their investment they have to spend big time on the best psychological minds to convince you that you need them.  You don’t.

Spend a little time familiarising yourself with the methods and ingredients and you will soon be fluently combining your own recipes, guided by simple rules based on observations of traditional diets, that ensure you’re getting all your requirements.  You will meet resistance, the industry’s brain washing goes deep – better to look to our past and our culinary heritage for knowledge in this department – industry employed scientists may be biased!  The good news is it is nowhere near as complicated as they would have you think, and it costs much less.


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