Reveal and Heal

‘The Message’

The Message
This is my recollection of the message imparted to me at the festival described in The Event.

We are all connected in a complex web or matrix and every action or thought impacts on or changes the matrix as it is ultimately one entity and made of energy.

Humans are constantly making choices and how they affect the matrix is under their control, how much they are aware of this indicates the degree of they have given up their control to ‘other’.

Most have no idea that this is the case, although many give up their control to a larger group or tribe which traditionally is the right place to be for young or ‘student’ souls on their journey to awareness.  There are  also those who unconsciously harmonise and guard the fabric or energy sea that we are all a part of and inhabit.

Some – light workers consciously attempt to energise heal and harmonise the matrix. Ancient peoples who built stone circles and other structures were aware of their direct relationship with all things and were able to tap into it.

The matrix energy has also been manipulated for harmful purposes or rather selfish purposes where the energy is harvested by individuals, groups and even family lines at the expense and detriment of other beings in the matrix.

Our earth and it’s matrix is also connected the wider universal matrix and all beings therein. Mostly, planets are discreet to a large extent – the activity on the earth having little significant affect on the wider universe matrix. However, when earth people discovered and started playing with nuclear explosions and nuclear powered energy systems, it was obvious those within other matrixes that humanity was losing control of the beautiful harmonious matrix we exist in, and vulnerable to mass manipulation.

The darkening of our matrix would ultimately begin to affect other matixes and in an attempt to guide us away from this some of us were contacted telepathically to be shown the energy matrix web we lived in. Being shown meant being given the experience of connected ness which involves an overwhelming feeling of intelligent harmonious healing energy that is guiding energy fabric of infinity – of every single thing – sometimes referred to as God.

Praying and meditation are energetic practices to experience enhance and increase this harmonious healing energy.

The contactsee at this time (1970’s) were simplistic, many were simply given an awarenss of the love energy web and it was made clear through impressions that nuclear energy/weapons where ultimately opposed to the self healing harmonious system that had evolved, and that earth enhancing non material istic lifestyles perpetuated the conscious evolutionary process with it’s built in feedback system that enhanced and developed healthy development for life and consciousness throughout the universes.

Not to say technological progress is bad, but certain ways of doing it are polluting and have long lasting effects. mostly we are left to our own devices – many outside our planet or rather point in time and space, have evolved their technology to the pont where thoughts are used very precisely to direct energy. This is clean and beautiful for the material dimension.

Every action affects the matrix and ulimately ourselves – this isn’t a spiritual statement – it’s a physical fact.
The global elitist forces or illuminati I reckon, abused their knowledge on how to harvest energy from the matrix and direct it for their own ends.
What we eat determines the energy vibration of our bodies, if harmonious, they will not be ill – illness is not supposed to happen – the system is extremely resilliant and small fluctuations and discrepancies are easily accomodated. For example a cut healing demonstrates the built in tendency for the human form to return to it’s perfect healthy harmonious state. This is energetically how the human energy form operates, constantly returning to how it ought to be. When we as humans use substances and impure foods that start to break up this harmonious system we impact albeit in a small way, disharmony upon the matrix, also the toxins created by industrialing our food impact on the earths material energy matrix.
Artificial Intelligence
From there the energetic and spiritual dimensions are consequently affected. Attempts to control or alter the matrix usually cause imbalance. The best way to learn this is to experience it so we are generally left to do so. Being informed telepathically about the situation is not the best way to learn and only happened because things were going seriously off the rails.
The implications of Ross Adey’s work on ELF transmissions and  WGWalter’s work in early cybernetics and applying behavioural conditioning techniques to robots imply the beginnings of artificial intelligence. The work of these early researches attracted the attention of the Military looking for power and control, and has been developed to bring about the current situation where action on the part of the awakening masses has become crucial.
Introducing artificial intelligence into the matrix allows vast mistakes to be made with no immediate feedback/learning process occuring. When humans are behaving then experiencing the consequence of their behaviour directly they then adjust their actions so learn what works.
Envisioning tremendous power and control and applying artificial intelligence to getting this is a disaster for the earth and human and animal species, as the built in failsafe mechanisms of observing consequences and adjusting – is no longer present.
This is the case with artificial intelligence and mind control. To try and change peoples behaviour this way is to factor out consciousness from the equation, but consciousness is the matrix and is existence period – the universe is consciousness, the matrix is consciousness.
Radio broadcasts, television broadcasts and so on directly affect consciousness of massive amounts of people thus directing their energy and ultimately this has led to the harvesting of their energy by corporate machines generating wealth to enable this control to continue.
The power of the population to act experience and learn – and then improve – is being taken away in greater and greater amounts. Intention is everything and the intention behind this process is not beneficial to people, animals or the earth.
It is beginning to imact on and override the natural process of learning and evolving. Denial of our thought connections (telepathy) and ridicule of figures talking about any of this kind of thing in public has led to people becoming out of touch with their own awareness of this.
The early neurologists studyed all this in great depth. Their work was appropriated by those who wished to control eg the Tavistock Institute, They were given benefit and wealth to manipulate them and guide them towards researching areas that those who wish to control and misappropriate desired. Their goal was always to place themselves as rulers of the world. In terms of the universe this is just totally ridiculous, but for our local planet it is an absolute disaster.
Due to the incidents where I actually manipulated the weather during the experience described above I have come to believe it to have been what is known as a premature kundalini awakening.  This is described in more detail in the Background section of this blog.
Because I understand that many with insight find themselves isolated and may struggle or refuse to work in a regular job due to the negative impact multi national conglomerates have in our world; my work is absolutely not for profit in any way shape or form.
For people like me who manage most of the time on around £40 per week for food, bills and everything else it is absurd to restrict their access to this information.  Anyone in this situation is strongly advised by me to investigate macrobiotics a system that explains in a few simple guide lines how to apply the freely available knowledge of food and nutrition developed by our ancestors over aeons at a minimum cost.
Love and Peace

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