Reveal and Heal


I’ve made a new blog for several reasons, mainly for disclosure –  so I can post more ‘sensitive’ information.  To share  my journey of discovery, I need  to occasionally mention living  family members, so I thought it best to disassociate it all from my real name as much as possible.  Hopefully it will also: –

1) make updates on my research easy to access – I can sort out and archive much of the older stuff under “biography”

3) summarise my findings and focus more on joining the dots plus analysis and discussion.

Apologies if you’ve tried to access information at my old blog address – I’ve imported much of the old content and I’m still working on tidying it up and  re-inserting links and videos and rewriting some of it for clarity.  I’m also removing original  links that referred to my old ‘real name’ blog so it will be a little while till everything is organised.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look, I hope you can find something to help you on your own truth quest


To help interested people in the UK to awaken to the truth, I intend to focus  mainly on the UK aspects of mind control.

The Illuminati  in th UK has been manipulating my family for generations.  Although they wiped our memories of events they left fragments in the form of dreams and fragmented recollections which have formed the basis of my investigations.  I have been fighting against their manipulations for as long as I can remember. When the early manipulations took place, they did not reckon on the internet, they did not realise that their creation would discover it’s maker and tell the world.

I may take the option of recovering memories, uncovering the details of what happened.  First I want to document the hard evidence so there is a rock solid context for the recovered memories. I am in no hurry to share the more sensational aspects of my experiences.  First I will armour myself with the facts and the evidence that is accumulating.

The lives of my twin sister and myself were shaped and manipulated and I have been able to discover tons of information, details about the who, where and even why.  I will eventually find out how beyond what is currently informed speculation.  All will be dutifully reported for thosewho come after me. This is my life’s work, my Truth Quest and it is coming to fruition.

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Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. Alex Crawshaw said:

    I’ve been mind controlled for the past 8 years. Nobody believes me even though I appear completely sane. Can you please help?

  2. Cathi Morgan said:

    I have emailed you, Alex

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